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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why should I take the concealed carry class from Gun-Safe?

We really are the best in the state of Nebraska.  The original plan in Nebraska was to print a manual, much like the DMV manual, for concealed carry and then certify instructors to teach that course material.  When that was the plan, Sgt. Loveless, the Special Operations Coordinator for the Nebraska State Patrol contacted Pat Smith and he wrote the curriculum.  A copy of our materials was at each of the Nebraska State Patrol headquarters as an example to other instructors even after it was decided that each instructor would write their own course curriculum and submit it for approval.  This is why we were the first in the state to be certified as instructors; the State Patrol already had a copy of our materials and had determined they met the requirements.


2) When is your next class and how many seats are available?

Please check our Class Schedule page for this information.


3)  How do I enroll in a class and how much is it?  Do you take credit cards?

The Nebraska / Iowa Concealed Carry Permit class is $140.  You can enroll by checking the Class Schedule page, picking a class date, printing off an Enrollment Form and mailing it in with a check to the office address.  We do not take credit cards.  We accept cash, check or money orders only.

Gun Safe Academy

4504 S. 16th Street
Omaha, NE 68107

4) Do I need to own a firearm before I enroll for this course?

No.  If you are bringing your own firearm, it must meet the following requirements.  If it is a revolver, is must be double action and contain at least 5 rounds in the cylinder, speed loaders are optional.  If it is a semi-automatic, you must have at least two magazines that hold a minimum of 6 rounds each.  You will also need a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition, a strong side hip holster, and a belt.

We can rent a firearm to students for the range time. The pistols available for rent .22 caliber Ruger SR22s. Total price for the rental is $40 and the rental will include ammunition.


5)  If my spouse/friend/family member and I only own one pistol, can we both use the same firearm for the class?

Yes, we would simply sign you up for consecutive range times.  For example, you would shoot at the 9:30 am range time and the other would shoot at the 11:00 am range time.


6) Is your range outside or inside?

Our range is outside, and we like it that way.  A map to our range can be found on the class schedule page OUR RANGE IS PRIVATE.  It is only open on class range days and is only available to students who are currently enrolled in a course.


7) Is your class good for Florida and Utah permits?

Our class is recognized by Florida and they will take the NRA certificate you will receive as training for their non-resident permit.  We are not certified by Utah, so Utah will not take our training.  If you have Nebraska's permit, and then get Florida's non-resident permit, you will be covered in a total of about 36 states.  Utah's permit is good in about the same number. The best source of information for what permits a particular state recognizes is that state's government website. USCCA does a decent job of updating their national maps but each state's website is probably best for a definitive answer. USCCA


8) Do you offer any advanced classes?

We offer an advanced class about once a year which is based on the NRA's Personal Protection Outside the Home course.  We require that all students have the CCW class through us in order to enroll in it.  We are currently thinking about holding the next advanced class sometime in the spring of 2013. Please check the Index page for a course description and the Class Schedule page for the course date.  You can use the enrollment form to sign up for this class after it is scheduled.  See question #3 on this page for enrollment instructions.


9) Do I have to shoot at the range in order to complete the course?

Yes, without exception.  In order to complete the course and get the concealed carry course certificate, you must complete the entire course which includes range time.  There is no way to opt out or show previous experience with handgun shooting.  The Nebraska State Patrol mandates the course and range requirements.  We will follow, to the letter, the requirements the NSP has set out as well as the lesson plans we submitted in order to become certified as instructors.

If we deliberately ignore the NSP requirements or falsely report that you completed the course when you did not shoot, we would forfeit our certifications.  Obviously we are not willing to do that.  The range is only about an hour out of your day on Sunday and is required in order to get your proof of training.

10) What is a strong side hip holster?

You must have a holster than holds the gun on your hip on the side of your dominant (shooting) hand.  If you shoot left handed, it must hold the gun on your left hip.  If you shoot right handed, it must hold the gun on your right hip.


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